#BYND2015 – national hubs promoting youth engagement at the global level


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hubs-blogBy definition, #BYND2015 is a Global Youth Summit, and as part of our long-term goal to connect the unconnected, during the Summit there will be a number of hubs around the world that are going to be set up and run by enthusiastic young people that want to contribute to making the world a better place through the use of technology. Initiatives like this will help to make the Summit truly global as there are several options that allow individuals to participate; either online or through a hub. We are actively encouraging young people to create their own hubs which is precisely what Kabita has done in Nepal:

There is none who will say, Hey! You have this or that kind of skills so I will give you a job. It depends on every individual to recognize their own abilities and belief to transform their dreams into reality. Being an…

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Let’s rethink agriculture

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Six years ago, food prices spiked dramatically worldwide. In some countries sharp price rises of some staples are believed to have galvanized public discontent causing instability and social unrest. Several commentators have linked the events of the Arab Spring to soaring wheat costs, which hit poor families hard.

Others saw the crisis as yet another reminder of how our current agricultural production systems are becoming increasingly fragile. And certainly there are few factors that may have played a role: competition for cropland from biofuels, high oil prices, speculation in grain markets, restrictions on grain exports plus extreme weather events.

But scientists argue that there is one other underlying element missing from this list: degradation of land and water quality. As a consequence productivity of our agricultural production systems is declining.

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