Welcome –AFUains


cropped-agriculture-and-forestry-university.pngHello all AFUains !! How’s everything going?  Something struck right across my mind today, don’t panic i was not hurt. It was nothing but just an idea which can change what we are now and at what situation we are. Its on everyone’s mind that we need to change ourselves and the situation that is prevailing. We are on the peer pressure thinking about our secured future and hindrance on our studies due to different factors prevailing in our new infant University. What i am thinking about is that let’s get united and lets do something good. lets change the individual thinking from me to we, solitary to unity,mine to ours. Of course its our university and we have to study here but not the DEAN. So we have to make   the environment favorable. I just created a facebook page “AFU Student’s Circle” to keep updates about AFU student’s activities and all related stuffs about our studies. I started the blog (https://afucircle.wordpress.com/) to writes updates and article about all related things. What i want from you all guys is that a good co-ordination and support to create the unity. Lets make this 4/5 year a fruitful year. You can post your feeling, innovative ideas, comments on facebook page or in the blog.  So i request you all my friends form agriculture, veterinary and forestry faculty to get involved in activities which is praiseworthy.


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